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Sleep is an integral part of everyone’s life. It refreshes the body and helps us to be productive. Unfortunately, getting quality sleep can be difficult for many people. This problem affects most of the global population - It can be a harmless problem for one person and a severe health condition for another.

Sleep apnea is one of the most common problems today. It interferes with a person’s sleeping pattern and interrupts breathing during sleep. People who suffer from this disorder use Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines to treat obstructive sleep apnea.

Sadly, some manufacturers of CPAP machines sold defective Respironics that causes chronic respiratory illnesses and kidney problems, including lung cancer, asthma, and other organ dysfunctions.

Defective Philips CPAP Machine

Philips - medical equipment manufacturer - is facing mass tort lawsuits following the announcement last June 14, 2021, that it recalled about 2 million machines used by obstructive sleep apnea patients in the US.

In a recent recall announcement, Philips warned that the foam used in its machines for noise reduction could break down and be ingested by users, causing severe and even life-threatening health conditions.

Which Philips Machines were Recalled?

Philips recalled its sleep apnea machines because they contained polyurethane foam - foam particles used for machine noise reduction - that were getting inhaled by users of the device and causing cancer and severe respiratory conditions.

Here is a list of Philips Respironics the were recalled:

• SystemOne;

• C-Series;

• OmniLab Advanced Plus;

• Dorma 400

• Dorma 500

• REMStar SE Auto

• Trilogy 100

• Trilogy 200

• Garbin Plus

• Aeris

• LifeVent

How do I qualify for CPAP Machine Lawsuit?

You may be eligible to seek financial compensation if you’ve used one of the recalled Philips sleep apnea machines and were later on diagnosed with chronic illnesses, including:

• Lung cancer

• Kidney Problems

• Throat Cancer

• Asthma

• And other chronic respiratory illnesses.

How can I file a case?

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