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CPAP Update March 2024

March 16, 20242 min read

As we navigate through 2024, the Philips CPAP recall continues to unfold, affecting users globally. With health risks, legal actions, and Philips' response evolving, it's crucial to stay informed. Here's the latest update as of March 2024.

Recent Legal Developments

The CPAP litigation against Philips has seen significant milestones with deadlines marking the progression towards resolution. Key dates include the Mediator’s report due in February, expert disclosures through May to July, and submission of bellwether case proposals in August. The litigation process is lengthy, with the first trial expected in mid- to late 2025. Despite the slow pace, there's hope that Philips will make reasonable settlement offers to resolve most claims this year​​.

Updates on Health Implications

The FDA's Class I recall of Philips replacement devices in 2023 underscores the ongoing health risks. These devices, intended to replace those recalled in 2021, have been found to potentially cause respiratory failure, heart failure, and even death. Philips' response to the issue, including a $479 million reimbursement settlement, highlights the severity of the situation. However, this settlement does not cover injuries or deaths, which are addressed in separate litigation​​.

Philips' Legal and Financial Responses

In response to the mounting lawsuits, Philips has taken significant legal and financial steps. Notably, Philips Respironics announced it would stop selling CPAP devices in the US, following a consent decree with federal authorities. Bellwether trials are expected to begin as early as 2024, with Philips having set aside an additional $630 million to resolve CPAP lawsuit claims. The company's efforts to settle claims for economic damages and halt CPAP sales in the US reflect the gravity of the issue and Philips' commitment to addressing it​​.

Call to Action for Affected Individuals

For those affected by the Philips CPAP recall, staying informed and proactive is vital. Consult healthcare providers for alternative treatment options and consider legal consultation to understand your rights and potential compensation. The Jones Law Firm remains dedicated to assisting individuals impacted by the recall, advocating for justice and compensation.

The Philips CPAP recall and the ensuing legal battles underscore the importance of corporate accountability and the rights of consumers to safe, effective medical devices. As developments continue, affected individuals are urged to stay informed and seek the support they need during this challenging time.

The Jones Law Firm, PC. is a law firm that primarily focuses on various mass-tort cases and personal injury. Chad Jones is the founder.

Chad Jones

The Jones Law Firm, PC. is a law firm that primarily focuses on various mass-tort cases and personal injury. Chad Jones is the founder.

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