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Philips CPAP Recall: A $1.1 Billion Settlement Reached

May 03, 20242 min read

In a landmark agreement, Philips has committed to a $1.1 billion settlement due to the recall of their CPAP devices, affecting nearly 58,000 users. This resolution addresses claims from individuals who suffered health issues potentially caused by defective sound-insulating foam in these devices, which could degrade and release harmful particles.


The controversy began when it was discovered that the foam used for sound insulation in Philips' CPAP and BiPAP machines could break down, possibly releasing toxic chemicals and particulates into the device's airflow. This led to a massive recall impacting millions of sleep apnea patients globally.

Legal Implications

This settlement not only underscores the significant financial impact on Philips but also highlights crucial issues surrounding product safety and corporate accountability. For Philips, addressing these claims is part of a broader effort to comply with FDA and DOJ requirements, which include implementing comprehensive compliance and quality testing measures.

Impact on Consumers

For consumers, the settlement brings a mix of relief and concern. Relief that Philips is taking steps to rectify the issue, and concern about the potential long-term health effects they may face. It raises broader questions about the safety of commonly used medical devices and the oversight mechanisms in place.

How Jones Law Firm PC Can Help

At Jones Law Firm PC, we are dedicated to ensuring that companies like Philips are held accountable for their actions. Our team is closely monitoring developments in this case to provide the most informed and effective legal counsel to our clients. If you or someone you know has been affected by the Philips CPAP recall, we encourage you to reach out to our office. Our experienced attorneys can guide you through the process of securing the compensation you deserve.

For those affected, taking legal action can provide a pathway to justice and help prevent future incidents. Contact us today to discuss your legal options in the wake of this significant recall.

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The Jones Law Firm, PC. is a law firm that primarily focuses on various mass-tort cases and personal injury. Chad Jones is the founder.

Chad Jones

The Jones Law Firm, PC. is a law firm that primarily focuses on various mass-tort cases and personal injury. Chad Jones is the founder.

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